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Teething Bites! November 18, 2009

Filed under: Adoption — My Dysfunctional Life @ 10:32 pm

Nicholas started teething a couple of weeks ago and it has progressed from slight discomfort to all out pain. It comes and goes; he’ll have a great morning then wake up from his nap crying, when he would usually be smiling. He’s also not sleeping through the night (as of 5 days ago), which is hard on all of us. He wakes up around 4am fussing, and needs some coaxing to settle back down. His hands are always in his mouth now, and we go through 5 bibs a day because of the drooling.

Poor little guy! I feel so bad for him. We’re doing everything we can…teething tablets on occasion, Tylenol, and Baby Orajel. He’s actually whining in his sleep right now… 😦

The amazing thing is that it feels like he’s going to get several teeth in all at once! He turns 4 months old tomorrow, so he’s early to be teething. I feel little nubs and hot spots in his mouth…more each day! I just wish I could make his pain magically disappear. I know he won’t remember it, but I will!

We were going to start cereal this week, but since he’s having such a hard time with his gums, and we’ll have company on and off for the next two weeks, I have decided to wait. I want to keep him on his schedule as much as I can until things settle down.

So, how long can I expect this to last? Will his teeth come in soon, or will this go on for the next month or more?


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