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3 months old! October 20, 2009

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I can’t believe our little Nicholas is three months old already. It really does go by so fast! Nicholas is still sleeping through the night, and is up to 4 oz per feeding. The reflux seems to be better as well. Yay! He’s chatting back and forth with me, and loves to look at books. He’s not much of a napper…usually about 1/2 hour or 45 minute naps a couple of times a day. That’s it. I guess that’s why he sleeps so well at night. Works for me!

He’s had a cold for about two weeks now. Just a head cold…post-nasal drip, stuffy nose, but his lungs are clear and he doesn’t have a cough or fever. The change in the weather seems to have contributed. It just keeps hanging on though. All I can do is vaporizer, Vicks, etc. How long is it before they can have allergies?

As for me, I’m feeling behind the 8-ball a bit, but David is a huge help. He is still not so confident with an infant, but he is doing lots around the house to help out. Once Nicholas is able to sit up and interact more, David will be a natural. It will be nice to have him interact better with others and get a bit more social; the baby, I mean. 😉


11 weeks! October 4, 2009

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Nicholas is growing like a weed now. He’s smiling, laughing a little, and becoming much more interactive. The coolest thing is his head control. He can hold his head up on his own now! He’s pretty steady and can do it for about 1/2 hour before he gets tired. He actually tracked me from one side of the room to the other today with his whole head…and it was so steady! Another cool thing…I don’t have to force burps out of him much anymore. He likes to sit up on my knee after he eats. He will start lifting his head and shoulders off of me and grunt…that’s how I know he’s ready to sit up. After a minute of that…Buuurrrrp! He’s doing it pretty regularly now, so it makes our lives a bit easier. We are making a big deal out of it cheering and clapping when he does it so he gets the idea that burping is a good thing. He’s a far cry from my 8.2 on the richter burps, but he’s catching up. 🙂 Check the picture gallery…some new pics up there. More soon!