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Two Months! September 25, 2009

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DSCF3756Well, two months have gone by already…I can’t believe how the time is passing so quickly! Nicholas is now 23 inches long and 10 pounds, and growing like a weed. The thrush seems to be under control, as does the reflux. I did some research on medications and talked to the doctor about switching to a Zantac tablet.

Here’s the deal- both of the liquid medications he was taking for thrush and reflux both had parabens in them. I make sure I only buy organic body products for him so I can ensure they don’t have parabens in them. Now I was putting them directly in his mouth! No way. I found a Zantac effervescent tablet for infants that you dissolve in a bit of water. It has no parabens, has baking soda which is good for his tummy, and has a natural preservative called sodium benzoate, which is an anti-yeast/fungal ingredient. That ;last part is the kicker…I figured when he refluxed, the anti-yeast ingredient would actually help tame the thrush, rather than add to it, as it had seemed in the past. The doc thought I was a genius…LOL!

Anyway, he’s been on that since Monday, and we backed off the thrush meds to once a day. So far, so good!

My little peanut also got his first round of shots Monday. He did so well! He only cried for about a minute. What a good boy!

He’s holding his head up pretty well now…still needs support when at an angle, but holding steady when upright. He’s kicking hos legs all over the place now, and cooing and interacting all the time. LOVE IT! One more thing- he’s sleeping through the night now!! Can you believe it? It’s been a week and he’s going strong through the night, so I think he’s mastered it. He wakes up ravenous, so I have to have a bottle ready and waiting for him. 🙂

Now that he’s had his first shots, I feel better about bringing him out. Of course, it has to be during the day…he has a “witching hour” of 7pm. Not a happy camper. But it’s short lived, so no worries.

This weekend will be a visit from my mom and grandma, so it will be 4 generations of us together. Watch for pics!


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