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Relationships September 25, 2009

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So we have an arrangement with Nicholas’ birthmom (BM) to write letters and send pictures once a month. In the last letter, I gave her my email address (alias) and we have been emailing each other weekly. She is a wonderful woman who really seems to be secure in her decisions and in her life. I am so glad we have a relationship with her. We feel like not only did we gain a son, but an entire branch on our family tree. 🙂

We hope this relationship with grow over the years and turn into one where we can meet every so often for a visit. We’ll see…


One Response to “Relationships”

  1. Katie Says:

    That is wonderful! We had a situation come up about a week ago (didn’t work out as they didn’t select us) where it was a young couple whose families didn’t know about the pregnancy…so contact would have been limited. In a way, I was a bit relieved it didn’t work out for we are hoping for something a little more ‘open’. I know you can’t be choosy, but one can hope…right?! Glad the feeding is getting better!

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