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8 weeks…10.5 pounds already! September 13, 2009

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Well, the last two weeks have been an adventure. Nicholas has reflux and thrush. We had a few episodes of spitting up through the nose, and he spit up quite a bit after every feeding. Not to mention hiccups at least 4 times a day. We have had him on Zantac for two weeks now, and he’s sleeping on a Reflux wedge (Nap Nanny rocks!). We had scaled back on his food to 3.25 ounces at each feeding, and sit him upright for at least 1/2 hour after he eats. He tolerated that ok, but was still refluxing hard and spitting up after every feeding.

Well, all we did was scratch the surface. The thrush stayed alive and well, even after 2 weeks on Nystatin. He was refluxing into this throat and the milk stayed on the back of his tongue, allowing the thrush to thrive. He started crying after feeding, and on Friday night/Saturday morning, he was having pain while taking the bottle. He wouldn’t eat much, and screamed in pain. Bad night…no one slept.

When I called the doc’s answering service, he wanted me to take him to the ER; he was worried about dehydration. I really didn’t think this was necessary…he was crying tears, had the normal amount of wet diapers, and his soft spot wasn’t sunken in. He had still taken an ounce at each feeding, so he was eating a LITTLE.

Well, luckily my Mom-in-law was helping me for the day so I could work, and we talked about what to do next. We figured at the very least that the ER would change meds so he could get rid of the thrush asap. I was hoping my doc would have done that, but he jumped to the ER thing…didn’t even ask me about the number of wet diapers, tear production, or anything of the kind.

So we went to Children’s. They saw him quickly, and we started the check-in process. For those of you who have adopted, you probably know this in itself can be a challenge. Since he had his circumcision done there, he was already in the system. However, he was under another name, of which I didn’t know. They wouldn’t admit him as a new patient with his new name since he was already in the system! OK…I get it…record all need to stay together. Luckily, a lead nurse was walking by and heard the conversation and helped us with some investigation work. I knew the day he had been circumcised, so she researched that and came up with Baby Boy M******. That was him! So he was known as Baby Boy M yesterday in the ER. They took all of his new info, and will merge the records. I must say, the nurses at Children’s were wonderful with helping us get the record thing straightened. They even called the Adoption agency to try and get them to fax over paperwork. They will also continue working on it Monday to get everything organized.

Anyway, the doc saw Nicholas and it was like we thought…the thrush had gotten bad enough that it hurt him to eat. He wasn’t dehydrated at all. She swabbed his throat and the thrush is pretty self contained, so she doubled the dosing on the Nystatin, said to give him .4 ml of baby Tylenol 20 mins. before each feed for the pain, and cut way back on his food intake.

So far so good! We had a much better night and things are looking up! Very little reflux, spitting up, or pain! Yay! He protested a bit about the smaller bottle, but he’s getting used to it. He’s now down to 2.5 oz every 3-4 hours. That seems lie such a little amount to me! The feeding charts all say he should be at 4 ounces at each feed now, but it just goes to show you how consumerism is already playing a role in our lives right from birth. More food=more formula. Cha-ching! Babies only need about 2 ounces per pound of their body weight per day. No wonder we have an obesity problem in this country; they super-size right from birth!

If the thrush isn’t much gone by Monday when he gets his shots, the ER doc said to go with Diflucan. That will get rid of it right away. I should have my happy baby back by next week! I’ll keep you posted.


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