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Congrats to the new families! July 6, 2009

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It seems that our adoption agency has been very busy lately! Several waiting families have had placements or matches in the last couple of months. It’s wonderful! One family had been waiting two years and they brought home their new little boy just over a week ago. Another is matched with a birthmother, and yet another adopted their second child (from the same BM). David and I were also visiting our agency a few weeks ago and saw a couple in there signing papers. I am so excited that all of these forever families are being created.

As for us, we have been profiled once in the last couple of months, but didn’t get chosen. I’m hoping this summer brings us a baby to call our own. In the meantime, we are going to a meeting in a couple of weeks to learn about the Erie Co. foster care program. We do not want to be foster parents (we just don’t think we couldn’t take the “giving back” part). We just want to see about the foster to adopt program and what it entails. I figure it can’t hurt, and it will make us FEEL like something is happening at least. Right now, we feel like we are in a holding pattern so any change is welcome at this point.

We’ve been holding up well so far, but the wait it’s taking its toll. We go for a bike ride or walk in the neighborhood every night and see all of the new moms and dads walking with their babies in strollers. I have seen quite a few pregnant women as well…we smile and say hello, then look at each other at sigh. Our time is coming…I just wish it would hurry up! 😉


One Response to “Congrats to the new families!”

  1. That’s so exciting. I hope it’s your turn soon.

    Good luck with the foster to adopt program too.

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