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A little R&R June 15, 2009

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Last week I took a week off…it was awesome! I have been working 12 hour days on a project at work, which was in the final stanges after the first week of June. I was wiped out and needed a little down time. I hadn’t had time off since Christmas, so I was due.

Although it was a “vacation”, I caught up on much-needed paperwork, design work, social work, and spent some time with friends and family. It was great! I finished a great book, worked in the garden, looked at cars (decided not to sell my Mini), painted our bedroom, and did some website design. [Petite Publishing should be up and running in July.] I’m also taking a couple more days off at the end of the month for my cousin’s baby shower in Cleveland, so I’m looking forward to that.

I am refreshed and ready to go back to work. However, I have been approached by several schools and a business with job offers recently…very tempting. I’ll keep you posted on that.


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