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One Year… June 4, 2009

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One year of waiting for our baby to find us.

One year of little clothes being folded in the dresser waiting for someone to wear them.

One year of a rocking chair aching to soothe a little one to sleep.

One year of moon and stars decorations hanging to make a little someone smile.

One year of a cradle sitting unused in the corner.

One year of a closet full of toys ready to be played with.

One year of books sitting on a shelf looking to share their stories with a curious little mind.

One year of folded blankets wanting to wrap a baby in warmth and security.

One year of photo albums and baby books waiting to be filled with pictures and souvenirs from christenings, birthdays, holidays, and special times with family.

One year of baby bath gear waiting to be filled with bubbles.

One year of my arms aching to hold a baby, feed a baby, soothe a baby.

One year of tears shed, emotions tested, feelings shared, supporting others.

One year full of questions…”Will this be the one?”

One year of picking out names for our little boy or girl.

One year of dreaming of our lives with a special child.

One year of hope, wishes, and love sent to our future baby…

I hope you find your way to us soon.


6 Responses to “One Year…”

  1. We waited 18 months for our sweet baby boy and as you know, he was worth every bit of it. Hope your wait comes to an end soon.

  2. Yaya Says:

    Yes, it’s so sad to look at these empty furnished bedrooms. 😦

  3. Katie Says:

    One year of hopeful thoughts…

    I loved your post today; it definitely puts into words the struggles of adoption. The ONE DAY that brings great joy is coming soon!

  4. eeyore Says:

    Awww hon I wish i could say something to make it all better to make time go faster, to assure you or comfort you. Just know you stand at the precipice of greatness all prayers get answered one way or another. And in 20 years when that baby is slumped in front of your computer, eating your food, not paying rent and out of a will look back on this wait as not so bad 🙂

  5. Lisa Says:

    Yep, I hear ya. Right there with you, willing, pleading the phone to ring. You’re definitely not alone.

  6. Sue R Says:

    Amazing how quickly the pain of that year can fade, isn’t it!

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