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Long Weekend May 26, 2009

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It was so nice to have a long weekend! I haven’t taken a day off since New Years, so it was wonderful to have an extra day to sleep in, hang with family and friends, and work in the yard. I worked until midnight on Friday night so I could reign in some of the extra work that has been on my plate, and not have to worry about it until Tuesday. Everyone on the team has been working 10 and 11 hour days, and some weekends, to finish up a current project. My boss (and his boss) have put very unrealistic deadlines on our team and we are all burning out fast. One poor girl was working 10 hour days two days AFTER her due date for her baby!

Anyway, It was a gorgeous weekend here in Buffalo…in the high 70’s to low 80’s all weekend long, and sunny, sunny, sunny! We celebrated David’s Mom’s birthday on Saturday and enjoyed spending time with his family. David and I planted tomatoes, and I finished up the rest of the veggie garden. We also put down a fresh layer of mulch, tied up my wisteria that seems to have a mind of it’s own, and ate dinner outside every night.  LOVE IT!

Something else wonderful happened…we found we have a pair of Bluebirds living in the trees. Yay! We put up a nesting box and they seem to have found it. I’m so happy! Bluebirds are rare around here…they tend not to like heavily wooded areas, but they seem to love our trees. I caught some pictures of the male this weekend, so I’ll post them.

We also went to see Star Trek with some friends on Sunday afternoon. One work…AWESOME! If you are a Trekkie, you must go see this flick! It was non-stop from start to finish and didn’t have one wasted moment. I am a die hard fan from way back when, and was unsure if anyone could fill the shoes of Shatner and Nemoy. I shouldn’t have worried; these new, young talents were amazing! Also, this movie was directed by JJ Abrams, who directs on of my favorite shows, Fringe. It’s a sci-fi, X-Files type of show that airs on Tuesday nights. I highly recommend both!

Next up, Terminator 3 with Christian Bale. Have I mentioned how psyched I am that sci-fi has finally become popular!? 🙂





Mom's bday!

Mom's bday!


2 Responses to “Long Weekend”

  1. Katie Says:

    I am very jealous that your bluebirds found their home; we have had the same box up for two years now. There have been birds to look at it…but none blue…and none have decided it would be a good home. My uncle gave the house to us as a Christmas gift with detailed instructions…but no luck.

    Happy adoption vibes comin’ your way…

  2. eeyore Says:

    Everybody is hatin’ it trust me.

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