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Parenthood for Me, Inc. April 27, 2009

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Yesterday, I went to a business kick-off luncheon for Parenthood for Me, Inc. What is Parenthood for Me, you ask? Well, here’s their mission statement:
“To provide emotional and financial support to those starting families through adoption or medical intervention.”

I have placed a link to the site in my “Blogs” block on the right.

The event was fantastic! First, I got to sit at a table of amazing women. All have had issues with fertility and were working with an adoption agency in some capacity. It was so refreshing to be sitting at a table full of people who have struggled with infertility, and have know that you can vent, cry, or swear about your ordeal, and know that they all understand. Been there, done that! No awkward looks when you talk about adoption. No uncomfortable silences when you discuss infertility or mention hysterectomies. They get it.

We first ate lunch and socialized, then the co-founder of Parenthood for Me, Erica Walther Schlaefer, spoke about her inspiration for this cause. Did you know that most insurance companies in NY do NOT cover the cost of IVF? Each time a couple undergoes IVF, it can cost upwards of $10, 000. Wow. She had experienced these costs and more, as well as the costs associated with adoption, and decided to do something about it. What an inspiration!

The keynote speaker, Dr. Rosalind Hayes, MD spoke about infertility and the impact it has on the relationships of people those it affects. I think all of us at our table weren’t expecting to have this hit home so profoundly. Infertility has a way of taking over your life. It is always on your mind, and it affects your relationship with your spouse, your family, and your friends. Those of us at the table all related to this. Family doesn’t “talk” about it. Friends don’t talk about their children so much around you because they are afraid they will hurt your feelings. It affects your marriage because your spouse can’t stand to see you suffer. Some of these things have been an issue for me, and some haven’t. Nevertheless, it was nice to talk to people without having to worry about censoring myself.

Some of the other girls at the table were bloggers as well! Yay! Actually, that’s how I met Erica in the first place. But you already knew that! I blogged about it a few weeks back.

Another nice thing was I got to talk about adoption profiles a bit. It’s my new venture and I hope to make a meager living doing it. I got to bounce some ideas off of the group and see their reactions, as well as get some feedback. Another yay! More on that in a later post.

It was a wonderful day, and I was so glad to be a part of the birth of this wonderful organization. Here’s a picture of the gang…dscf26401

Check out the blogs of Lisa (black and white dress), Alison (brown shirt in the front row), Alicia (green shirt in the front row), and Erica (black dress in the front row). Blogging women of adoption and infertility UNITE!


3 Responses to “Parenthood for Me, Inc.”

  1. Yaya Says:

    It was SO great to meet you yesterday! I was still reeling all day today from feeling like my true self yesterday and not having to censor my feelings.

    Yes, relationships. Oy. I so struggle with these. Hopefully there will come a time, (after we adopt, I assume) when I am able to have these normal relationships again. but in the mean time I just need to be aware of my own feelings and how much I can tolerate of others. It’s all about emotional preservation at this point in my life.


  2. Janet Says:

    It was so great to get to meet you. I hope we can plan more get togethers for those waiting. It was really helpful to be with a group of people that get it 🙂

  3. Jeanne Says:


    I found your blog through my friend Alicia (aka Yaya) who met you at the Parenthood for Me fundraiser. I just stopped by to say hello. It’s so great that you all had such a wonderful time there. I met Alicia via an endometriosis support group. She was telling me how many people at the table had endo. It sounds like an exciting new organization! 🙂


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