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Celeb sighting! April 4, 2009

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Last week, Dan Akroyd came to Buffalo to promote his latest endeavor, Crystal Head Vodka. He has long been one of my favorite actors…I’m a HUGE fan. Three of his movies are in my top 10 favs. The bottle is fashioned after the skulls in the Mayan legend of the crystal skulls.  Check out the site; he does a great video.

The legend talks about thirteen crystal skulls, left by our earliest ancestors in the area of Central America.  They were supposedly scattered and awaiting the discovery by modern humans.  Five have been found and are located in various areas or the world: one being in Texas, one in Canada, one at the Smithsonian, one at the British Museum, and one in Paris.

The skulls are said to house information for humankind and all the skulls will be found (and the information released) when the human race is ready to accept it.  Whatever “IT” is.

Interestingly, the owner of the Mitchell-Hedges (Canada) skull attempted to have the age verified by the company Hewlett Packard.  With their remarkable work with crystal chips, they had the expertise to research the skull.

To the amazement of the experts, the skull had absolutely no tool markings on it, which is one way of determining its age…the most precise way.  The surface of the skull is glass smooth with no rubbings or chips or tool markings whatsoever.

The Aztec and Mayan cultures believed the skulls held psychic power and enabled those around them to gain wisdom and fore-knowledge from them.< It’s a pretty cool legend, as ledgends go.

Anyway, Dan Akroyd did a promo at the Premier Wine and Spirits store and was there for two hours signing bottles of the Crystal Head Vodka. I was 14th in line out of over 600! I waited in line for an hour and a half…TOTALLY worth it. I got two bottles, both signed. Plus, I got a picture with him, a hand holding, AND a kiss! (on the cheek) YAHOO! What a great day!



One Response to “Celeb sighting!”

  1. Michele-the mean one! Says:

    OMG! That is soooo cool Michele. I cant believe you waited in line that long, but we have waited in line like that to have a hockey stick signed! Wow…were you tongue tied?!

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