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Endometriosis Awareness Month March 26, 2009

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I think most of you know that we are not able to have our own children. I had my first laparoscopy in 2000 when my doctor found severe endometriosis. Because of where my adhesions were located, this meant that pregnancy would be next to impossible and that I needed treatments to remove the adhesions and keep the disease from advancing further. The next 4 years were full of injections, drugs, surgeries, pain, and tests. I had 5 doctors and 4 surgeries in three years. My final surgery was a complete hysterectomy in October of 2003. It is the only cure for the disease.
Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects more than 5.5 million women in the United States and Canada. About 40% of patients with endometriosis will experience some degree of infertility.

Endometriosis is a disorder of the female reproductive system in which endometrial tissue (the normal lining of the uterus) is found outside the uterine cavity. An estimated three to five million American women of reproductive age suffer from endometriosis. This disease is prevalent in women 30-40 years of age, though it can begin in the late teens and early twenties. It not only affects your reproductive system, but theadhesions can grow on other organs and cause severe medical issues. My adhesions grew on my lower intestine, ate holes in my diaphragm, and grew onto my lungs, causing scarring on my lung tissue. It also made my uterus and ovaries to “malfunction” and cause infertility.

About 40% of patients with endometriosis will experience some degree of infertility.

The relationship between endometriosis and infertility is not completely understood. The primary cause of infertility resulting from endometriosis appears to be a blockage caused by scarring and adhesions in the tubes. These adhesions can prevent the egg and sperm from meeting or prevent the fertilized egg from moving down the tube normally (resulting in an ectopic pregnancy).

Another theory is that infertility associated with mild endometriosis is caused by an autoimmune reaction. It is speculated that tissue from the uterus that implants outside the uterus is viewed as a foreign cell by the woman’s body, which then responds with an immune defense reaction.
Another theory is based on the fact that women with endometriosis have more peritoneal fluid and higher prostaglandin levels. The increased prostaglandin production may influence normal tubal function and prevent normal transport of the egg and sperm through the fallopian tube to the uterus.

Other researchers feel that endometriosis can cause a luteal phase defect, which results from low levels of the hormone progesterone or a poor build-up of the uterine lining after ovulation. A luteal phase defect makes it difficult for the fertilized egg to implant.

Some studies report as high as a 36% spontaneous abortion rate in women with endometriosis versus 15% in the normal population.

March in National Endometriosis Awareness month. If you know someone with the disease, give them a hug, lend a hand, and help them get educated on their options. Most of all, be supportive…that is the best treatment of all.

To learn more, check out the Endometriosis Association’s website. Check out the comments to this post as well…Lola listed some great links! Thanks, Lola!


Keeping Busy

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Easter is just around the corner and that means one thing…no, not dinner or family…CANDY! I usually send my nephews a box of Niagara chocolates. I love to hear my friend Lynn describe the look on her kids’ faces when they rip open a box of sweet confectionary deliciousness. Is there any greater joy than being a kid with loads of candy for a special occasion? Anyway, I decided to make homemade candy this year. Why not? I have the time, it looks like fun, and it makes me feel good to do something nice for someone else. I made the peanut butter cups tonight. YUM! They came out really well. It was really easy…just melt and mold. My next batch will be dark chocolate and mint easter egg candies, then these cute little 3-D chocolate and vanilla eggs that you put in mini egg cartons for gift-giving. So cute! I gave some to my “testers” tonight…David and Chuck, and they loved them. I’m sure that means my nephews will like them, too. 🙂


Sickness Stinks! March 17, 2009

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Well, my last post was about breathing…which is something that has been difficult for the last two weeks. It started with a sinus infection, then moved to bronchitis, then turned into pneumonia. YUCK! I have been on meds for two weeks now, and have finally turned the corner. I took all of last week off and slept, slept, slept. I took over the baby’s room (it’s not being used yet anyway) and had the full humidifier, tissues, nebulizer, steroids, Biaxin, Vicks, cough medicine set up going. The breathing part was the worst…it sucks not being able to take a full breath. Sunday I felt better, and I’m finally on the mend. I worked yesterday, but it wiped me out. I know you’re thinking, “She works from home…how could that wipe her out?” Well, when you’re on antibiotics and you’ve been in bed for a week, it takes it’s toll. I was in bed by 8pm last night. I’m a loser.

I do feel much better today and can finally breathe without coughing. Yay! Another day or two and I should be as good as new. Bring on Spring!! And how about a baby while you’re at it? 😉


9 Months… March 3, 2009

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Today marks 9 months that we have been waiting for our baby. We have been profiled several times, but not picked yet. You guys all know I am always a happy and positive person about everything, but I’m starting to get discouraged. We are so emotionally and physically ready for this baby, that each day that passes gets harder, instead of easier. I have been doing everything I can to stay busy, but thoughts of being a mother never leave my mind. I have heard people say that they just go on living their daily lives and forget about the adoption, then they get “the call”.  How can I forget? We are living our lives as we always do…working, playing, spending time with friends and family, and as much as I try to put the adoption out of mind, I can’t. It’s always there…in the back of my brain. I know it will happen for us, so I just need to be patient a while longer. Patience had never been one of my strong suits a few years ago, but now I have learned to be patient with everything. So I will continue to be patient and just keep breathing until our star is born.

Breathe in…breathe out…