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Adoption Update February 18, 2009

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Well, it’s been a pretty quiet for the last couple of months on the adoption front. I have gotten more involved in the adoption support group, and have made a website and facilitated a waiting families meeting. It has really helped me by getting more involved; it helps to pass the time while we’re waiting to be matched with a birthmother.

Although the wait (almost 9 months now) has been very difficult, I have met some wonderful people and have had some great experiences. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I have also crocheted about 10 blankets, made a quilt, and made 3 or 4 scrapbooks! That’s ok…our baby will use them all, I’m sure.

Hopefully we will be matched soon…keep those bracelets on girls, and keep those wishes coming!


One Response to “Adoption Update”

  1. eeyore Says:

    have you thought about dropping your name with the CPS worker in charge of Octomom…Ya know …just in case?

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