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A great day! February 18, 2009

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Well, I have finally finished a work project that I have been working on for the last three months, and it feels so good!

It was perfect timing, actually. For Valentine’s Day, I got us a couples massage…basically a regular massage for each of us, but your in the same room. So after I put the PowerTeacher project to bed today, we went to the spa. Ahhhhhhh! Complete and total relaxation. I only get a massage about once a year, and man was I due. It was David’s first massage, and he is now in love with the masseuse, and leaving me for her.  Just kidding. 😉

Another nice thing is that I’m off on Friday to go hang out in the town where I grew up. I’m actually going to a memorial servcie for Mr. Rennie on Saturday, but I’m going to hang with some of the crew from high school on Friday night. There is an annual celebration that started in HS after two friends passed away in a train accident. A holiday was created called the “Holiday of Life” (I think by CaryAnne and Cristina?), and it’s on the 19th of each February.  Basically, it’s a rememberance of those who have passed, and a celebration of lives current and future. This year, the celebration is on Friday, and I’m happy to be able to be a part of it.

So, now I am unburdened, relaxed, mellow, and have a short work week. Pretty flippin’ sweet.


One Response to “A great day!”

  1. eeyore Says:

    I am wondering if you are still feeling as relaxed about this project today? 😉

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