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Waiting Families Class February 5, 2009

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Well, I told you guys a while back that I joined the advisory board of our local adoption support group called SOFIA. Last night we had our first clss, which I facilitated, for our waiting families.

It went really well! Most of the attendees are just finishing up their home studies so it was nice to talk to discuss their concerns, fears, excitement, etc. We had 10 attendees…three couples, two single moms (one brought her sister for support) and one who came without her husband. It was a nice crowd. There was one couple who have been matched and their son is due next month! How exciting! You could tell that they really gave hope to the rest of the group when they told their story.

Some people exchanged info so they could have a support buddy…that was a wonderful idea from Catherine, SOFIA’s Co-President. We discussed things along the lines of  “how to keep yourself busy” when you are waiting. We talked about making profiles, blogging, talking with your partner about all of your hopes and fears so you stay on the same page, revisiting your grid periodically, etc. what a profile call is like, etc.

I think everyone walked away with a positive feeling, and not as concerned about the waiting process as they were when they came in. Overall, a success!

It really helped me as well…we are still a waiting family, so their excitement and optimism rubbed off on me. It’s a good things! These last 8 months have been so hard, and it was nice to have renewed confidence.


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