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Adoption Options January 6, 2009

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Well, the new year has brought motivation into the Lasure household. David and I are both becoming impatient when it comes to this adoption so we have decided to register with another agency, as well as Project Cuddle, to increase our chances.

The other agency is Father Baker Victory Services, which is a Catholic adoption agency in the area. My friend adopted Internationally through this agency and had great things to say. We also know another couple who is registered there while waiting for their second adoption, and convinced us to send in an application. They will take our home study done through Adoption STAR, so we don’t have to pay anything but a registration fee. The wait times for a domestic child are pretty lengthy, but you never know! They tend to have closed adoptions so that’s kind of a bummer, but it’s up to the birth-mom in the end.

We also registered with Project Cuddle, a non-profit organization that rescues abandoned infants. It is a nonprofit organization that operates a 24-hour, 7-day a week crisis hot-line that works as a search and rescue program. They search out safe and legal alternatives for women that are contemplating abandoning or dumping their babies. After learning about that girl in Lackawanna, NY who put her baby in a shoebox and put it in a dumpster, we knew there had to be a way to reach these girls. Project Cuddle does this. They are based out of California so many of the girls are from the LA area, but they also work with girls all over the US.

Basically, it works like our adoption agency does. The mother contacts the agency, she looks at our profile, and she picks someone. They only caveat is that you have to be willing to fly to Cali on a moment’s notice…like, drop everything and catch a flight to pick up a baby. That is not an issue for us at all…we love to travel!

Sooo…hopefully registering with these other agencies will get things moving along. Also, remember that we can find our own birth-mother as well so if any of you know a pregnant teen, etc. please let us know!

I’ll keep you posted on all of the happenings…


One Response to “Adoption Options”

  1. Michele G. Says:

    Good for you!!!! Im hoping that you will hear something soon…the waiting is the tough part, but you soon forget all about that once that bundle is in your arms. Don’t worry about it being closed adoption, I know you wanted open, but in the long run that baby is yours and you will raise it the way you want. I could not do open…..I also read some of the other blogs on the side line you have…like the one from a birth mother point of view…WoW…I could not go over to my new sons family and have a dinner etc…Yes, it is great to see that the little boy is adjusting, but the feelings that she experienced is heart wrentching. I wanted to cry with her….Now you have to wonder if she does or is having second thoughts, not that it matters now, but the depression would kill me! I think I would just want to give up my baby to a good home and then move on as best I could to a new life, knowing that my child has a great life ahead that I could not give……anyway, that is my take on it. I dont want to seem emotionless, but I feel that you as a mother make a decision….you stick with it, and hope for the best!

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