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2008, a Retrospective… December 29, 2008

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My pal Lynnie dubbed this as “the year of waiting”, which is the best way to put this year into a concise package. Here’s a review of 2008 in our family:

  • I served on a jury
  • I took telecourses courses on Project Management
  • I played poker with pals
  • My sister finished her Masters degree (party!)
  • I worked on my Masters degree
  • I went to San Francisco
  • We took Adoption Classes
  • We got a home equity to pay for the adoption
  • Got our adoption home study approved
  • We took infant and child CPR classes
  • I took Flash classes online
  • I went to the spa with Mom and Sis
  • We went to Mexico
  • Got profiled for case #1, didn’t get picked
  • Celebrated Gramma Lasure’s 95th bday
  • Got profiled for case #2, didn’t get picked
  • Produced several distance learning projects
  • Got profiled for case #3, didn’t get picked
  • Spent the weekend with Mara and Cris (friends for 24 years!)
  • Got profiled for case #4, didn’t get picked
  • Spent time with the Dottore family at the lake house
  • Got profiled for case #5, didn’t get picked
  • Moved to a new team at work
  • Got profiled for case #6, didn’t get picked
  • Got profiled for case #7, didn’t get picked
  • Visited our pals in Cape Cod
  • Celebrated Grandma Naso’s 97th bday
  • Waiting to hear about case #8…

We’ve spent 7 months “waiting” for our adoption call. We will wait… and wait… and wait some more…

    I know once we get “the call”, all of this waiting will be a distant memory and it will ALL be worth it. I hope it happens soon!

    Happy New Year, everyone!


    I’m in a glass case of emotion! December 28, 2008

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    Anything related to kids, family, or babies makes me cry lately.

    There is a Pampers commercial where Silent Night is playing in the background and they show video of many different babies sleeping…I lose it every time. I know, I’m dumb.

    There was an adoption special on Tuesday night called A Home For Christmas. It’s put on by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and has lots of famous people singing, talking about their own adoption stories, and about other families that were made by the miracle of adoption. Faith Hill hosted (she was adopted) and it featured stars such as  Jamie Foxx (adopted at 7 months), Melissa Etheridge, Tim McGraw and Gavin Rossdale, as well as Kristin Chenoweth (adopted), Patricia Heaton, Rene Russo and Martin Short.

    The focus of the show was the children who have found homes through this foundation, which matches foster care children with permanent homes. Every story they told made me cry.

    Faith Hill sang a song that put me in tears right from the start. It gets me going on a few different levels. When I first heard it, I didn’t know it was a Christmas song, and I thought it was about a single girl getting pregnant (which it IS, but…), and that made me think about adoption from the perspective of the mother feeling like she must place. And I cried. Then as I listened and realized it was about the birth of Christ, and the hope that he brings to us and, well, I cried. Then I started thinking about it in terms of my own role as a future mother and the changes that a baby will bring to us and, you guessed it, I cried. Here are the words:

    Teenage girl much too young
    Unprepared for what’s to come
    A baby changes everything

    Not a ring on her hand
    All her dreams and all her plans
    A baby changes everything
    A baby changes everything

    The man she loves she’s never touched
    How will she keep his trust
    A baby changes everything
    A baby changes everything

    And she cries
    Ooh she cries
    Oh ohhh…

    She has to leave, go far away
    Heaven knows she can’t stay
    A baby changes everything

    She can feel it’s coming soon
    There’s no place there’s no room
    A baby changes everything
    A baby changes everything

    And she cries
    And she cries
    Oh she cries

    Shepherds all gather ’round
    Up above the star shines down
    A baby changes everything

    Choir of angels sing
    Glory to the newborn king
    A baby changes everything
    A baby changes everything
    Everything, everything, everything
    Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

    My whole life has turned around
    I was lost, but now I’m found
    A baby changes everything, yeah
    A baby changes everything

    Anyway, it’s been an emotional year and you can probably understand why I’m such a basket case when I hear/see things like this. The show did give me hope and made me excited about what this organization is doing. I requested a copy of their materials so I can learn more about what they do. If we don’t get matched with a birthmother/baby soon, we have discussed going this route.

    Where’s my tissue?


    A Very Naso Christmas

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    Well, it was a wonderful Christmas with family, friends, and the traditional unbuttoning of the jeans again this year (too much food). The days leading up to Christmas were filled with cooking, baking, cleaning, and decorating.

    We spent Christmas Eve with the Lasure’s, laughing, hanging out, and eating a scrumptious dinner. My sister-in-law brought her niece this year, and it was wonderful to have a young face at the table.

    On Christmas Day, my mom and my sister and her husband came in from Rochester, and my Grandma and Aunt came in from Cleveland. It was so nice to have all of the Naso girls together! It has been a long time since we have done that. I mad lasagna and and also meatballs and sausage. YUMMO! Christmas Day is also my Grandma’s birthday, so I mad a three layer cake for her. She is 97!! That is her on the far right. She is amazing…she still lives on her own, hangs out with her friends, and is totally up to date on current events. She makes me look lazy! After dinner, then went to Rochester with my mom to spend a few days there.


    David and I exchanged gifts early on Christmas morning, before all of our company came. I got a kitchen sink! Actually, it is for both of us…we had picked it out a while ago and were saving up. It’s black granite and is one big rectangular bowl, which is flat on the bottom. LOVE IT! We’re going to look at faucets today so we can install it soon. We also exchanged movies, funny toys and candy, and then played with the kitties all morning. I was a really nice Christmas.

    I hope all of you had a nice holiday as well…I would love to hear about it!


    Smiling faces… December 19, 2008

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    Each year I tape the Christmas cards we receive to a door in my kitchen. I can see them all of the time…and it makes me happy. This year, there are pictures of babies all over that door – I love it!!! The triplets are there, along with several new families formed by the miracle of adoption. It is such a wonderful sight to see…and it makes me happy. Thanks for sending pictures of your beautiful babies!

    Hopefully we will have our own expanded family on our card next year to send to all of you!


    Holiday fun! December 16, 2008

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    This evening was reminiscent of childhood; baking sugar cookies while watching It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas on the kitchen tv. I know this one by heart, down to Snoopy’s funny noises. I bake batch after batch…trees, stockings, candy canes, and snowmen. The house is toasty warm from the oven, contrasting the 20 degree temperature outside. The snow is falling, covering the trees with sparkly white frosting. What a beautiful night!

    What are some of your sweetest holiday memories?


    Adoption Update December 10, 2008

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    Well, we are at the 6 month mark. We have been profiled 6 times without being chosen.  I have hope that this will happen for us soon…maybe Santa will bring us a little bundle of joy!


    Here we go a-Caroling…

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    Last night I went Christmas caroling with some locals to a group home in Orchard Park. There were over 100 participants who met at a local church and broke into smaller groups to carol at 10 group homes in the Southtowns area. It was wonderful! I made some new friends, and the folks who lived in the home really enjoyed singing along with us.

    Afterward, we shared cookies and cider. It felt great to bring joy to others. I’m doing this every year!