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The Plan November 30, 2008

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Well, lots of changes happening in our neck of the woods,  folks. Are we moving? Are we not moving? Here’s the low-down…

We went to Cape Cod a few weeks ago and were totally ready to pack up and leave the next day. But then we got to thinking about what we want in the short-term, as well as  long-term. We want to adopt, we want to live on the Cape, we want to be around friends and family.  We had David’s parents over for dinner on Sunday, then went for a walk afterwards and both confided that we love being able to see them whenever we want. Plus, we built this house and we love it and our neighborhood. So I was more confused that ever (not a far stretch, mind you) and decided I needed to make some lists. I’m all about the lists!

So we did a list of pros and cons for moving and for staying put. Here’s a synopsis:

Cape Cod:
We would be in a beautiful place
We would be near Lynn, Jeff, and the boys
We would be near the beach

We would be broke, as housing is much more expensive there
We would be in a smaller house
We would have to put off adoption for a few years while we recovered financially
We would be far from our families
We would have to search fo an adoption agency in MA

We would not be broke
We have an adoption agency we love
We can afford to adopt right away
We love our house
We are close to our families
We live in a great neighborhood
We have lots of friends here
David likes his job here
Housing is cheap! We can expand here.

We’re not close to Lynn, Jeff, and the boys
Winters are pretty tough
Taxes suck in NY

So, you can probably guess what the outcome was. We both said what was most important to us right now is starting our family, which we can do if we stay here.  We did a lot of research to find an agency we trusted, so to start that all over again would be really hard. Also, our families are here, which is a big factor in the adoption. I hated that I only got to see my grandparents every few years growing up, and I saw my cousins every 10 or so, and we really don’t want that for our child.

So, we’re staying put for now. We are filling out the adoption application this week, and getting the ball rolling with that. We start the classes in January and will be ready for placement by the late spring or early summer. Then we wait!

I am a bit sad that we won’t be on Cape Cod sooner rather than later, but we really have a good foundation here, and a good life. We’ll just keep up our visits. Plus, we are really excited about getting our family going. We’re pretty lucky here, so why rock the boat?


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