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New York State November 30, 2008

Filed under: Adoption — My Dysfunctional Life @ 4:11 pm

Original post: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, New York is certainly taking their time with the adoption paperwork. We are still waiting on ONE piece of paperwork to come back before we can be assigned a social worker for our home study. UGH. It’s just a background check to make sure we don’t have any Child and Family Services crimes against us. We don’t have kids, and the only crime either one of us has on record are speeding tickets. So what’s the hold-up?! I’m sure it’s sitting on someone’s desk somewhere…

We are so anxious to get this finished so we can be “on the list” and be profiled for a baby. The paper usually takes about 4 weeks, according to our family advocate at the adoption agency. It’s been about 3-1/2 weeks already, but we are anxious to get this going. C’mon NY, I pay my taxes… work for me!!!


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