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Home Study November 30, 2008

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Original post: Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So we had our first of two meetings with the social worker yesterday. We each met with her separately this time.

It was pretty straightforward; we had to write a biography for her a couple of months ago, and she basically asked us questions about that. She wanted to know what our siblings did for a living, where they lived, and how old they were. She also asked questions about how our parents disciplined us, and about our parents’ relationships.

She asked a few poignant questions about my father and about the household environment when they got divorced. I told her everything about it, and about my relationship (or lack of one) with my father now.

She really couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that my dad was so into family, and spent lots of time with us when we were young, and how he just stopped it altogether when they got divorced. He just divorced the entire family, it would seem.

I just told her that I didn’t understand it either, but it is what it is, and I have just accepted it. She was impressed with that. I smiled, and told her it took me many years to come to that conclusion, and that David was a huge part of that realization.

Anyway, we talked more about growing up, etc. and had a really pleasant conversation. I actually enjoyed talking with her, and David did as well.

So, next Monday is the final visit at our house. She comes and speaks to both of us together, checks out the house and the neighborhood, and writes up a report. It looks like my roses and peonys will be in bloom just in time for her visit. 🙂

As of next Tuesday, we will be “official” and ready to be profiled!!! Yippee! So we could be parents in as little as a couple if weeks, or it could be several months. I’m so excited! We’re almost there!!!!


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