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Baby Prediction #1 November 30, 2008

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Original post: Thursday, July 3, 2008

So when my family was here for the baby shower, we all wrote down our predictions for when we would get the “baby call”.

The first prediction was July 4th by both my sister, Marisa, and my cousin, Brian.

Well, that day is almost upon us and I’m praying for that call!!

I’d love to hear your predictions…I’ll post them and we can all keep an eye out together. Winner gets…hmmm…a free pass on poopie diaper changes? 🙂

BTW, we placed an adoption ad in the Pennysaver today. We posted in Derby, Hamburg (a pic is included in this one), and in Eden. I have seen adoption ads in there before, believe it or not. Total Juno situation.

We are on the list at our agency, but they will also work with any birthmother that we find ourselves. (The fees are less if we do it this way as well…bonus!) Let’s hope someone sees the ad and calls us.

Hey- if any of you happen to know of anyone in a less than desirable pregnancy situation, give them my number please.

So, predictions please…(mine is July 15).

Happy Independence Day!!


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