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Adoption Update November 30, 2008

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Original Post: Thursday, February 21, 2008

As you may have guessed, things with the adoption are moving along swiftly. We had our first meeting with the social worker two weeks ago, and we start our first of 5 classes next Tuesday night. Then we meet two more times with the social worker for the home study, take a few classes on our own (infant CPR, baby care), then we’re on “the list”. Since it’s an open adoption agency, the birth mother actually chooses us, so we are making a scrapbook of our families for the birth mothers to use to make their decision. There are so many birth mothers interested in this agency that we could be parents by early summer. I can’t believe it!

You should see the mountain of paperwork we have to fill out for all of this. Fingerprinting, background checks, financial records, etc. and the book for the 5 classes is the size of the phone book! However, I’m glad we’re doing it. Not only will we be fully prepared for the miracle of adoption, we will meet other couples going through the same process. I think ALL parents should have to take classes before they have kids.

Well, we have been working on the baby’s room painting and decorating, and getting our registry done. Just walking by that room makes me smile. I stop in, take a look around, and imagine how it will look when it belongs to our little bundle of joy. We are so excited!!

I’ll keep you posted.


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