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Adoption Seminar November 30, 2008

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On Sunday night, David and I attended our first baby adoption event. The adoption agency we are using (Adoption STAR) held an event at the Babies ‘R’ Us near our home. We met with two families that have adoption from the agency and discussed registries, etc.

It was really great to talk to the adoptive parents and learn of their trials and tribulations in the process. We learned about possible legal complications, happy meetings, tears of joy and sorrow, and finally finishing the legal process.

David was really great…he was very chatty with one of the couples, and was grinning like a little kid at their beautiful baby girl.

After the seminar, the store helped us through the Registry setup process and gave us some free gear. We got our first bottles and diapers! The little sample diapers were “newborn” size. They were so teeny! My cat couldn’t even fit in this thing. So cute!!

We also picked out all of our gear: pack and play, stroller, car seat, bedding, bottles, etc. What fun! David and I got to play with everything to see how sturdy they were, what patterns we liked, etc. We did lots of research and read testimonials for each product, safety rating for each, and since I already has a wish list going, we were a bit ahead of the game.

The advice we got from everyone was have your baby shower(s) when you have completed the home study, instead of waiting. Several adoptive parents we have spoken with have said that they got the call that they had been chosen, then had a baby a few weeks later and didn’t have all of the gear they needed. So we’re all set on that front.

It’s so exciting! The next event is a baby care class next Thursday night. It’s optional, but I look it as a good opportunity to meet other couples going through the same process. I have tons of experience with babies, but networking is they key. And I certainly don’t know it all, so I hope to learn a few things.

Our first meeting with the social worker is Feb. 11th…wish us luck!


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