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Adoption Class #4 November 30, 2008

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Original post: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Class #4 was all about child identity and giving your adopted child a sense of “self”. For instance, if you adopt an Asian child, giving her a sense of her heritage by teaching her about Asian religions, celebrating Asian holidays, etc.

Two families came in with their children and spoke about the ways that they give their children help their children celebrate their heritage. The first family was white man and woman, who have adopted an African-American baby girl. She was so cute! They talked about how they live in a white area, but they shop in the city so the child is exposed to other black people, and can identify with other cultures, as well as her own.

The second couple was a Hispanic woman and an African American woman, who adopted a bi-racial little boy. They live in a very diverse area of the city, so he gets to be exposed to people of all races and cultures. They celebrate white, hispanic, and black holidays, so he has a sense of all of the cultures that are in his family.

It was a very interesting class. We learned a lot, and as a result, we have expanded our child interest grid to reflect more backgrounds. However, we live in a VERY white area, so we have decided to expand our grid to races that look a little like us, so it won’t be such a hard transition for the child: White, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, or any combination of these.

Next class topic: Adoption Law.


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